Smartpoint Ooops ErrorOoops - Smartpoint Error on Startup

Smartpoint Error on Startup
Ooops, This error sometimes appears when you have multiple versions of Smartpoint installed

Resolution for most cases
What you need to do is a totally clean installation, remove all traces of previously loaded Smartpoint and then reload it again

Try this:

• From add/remove programs or Programs and features - (appwiz.cpl) , remove Travelport Smartpoint or Smartpoint…
• After removing any version found, Delete All Smartpoint Folders, Depending on what OS they could be in different locations, find them and delete them:

You can see these three locations below, the Smartpoint folders can be removed

Obviously, depending on architecture and OS , you may find the files in different places or on Windows XP. Some folders may be hidden from view. Folders should be unhidden and then searched again

Smartpoint Ooops Error

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Travelport,_inc folder here


Smartpoint Ooops Error

Three Smartpoint folders here.....

Smartpoint Ooops Error

Under Program Files (x86) or just Program Files……

Then do a clean Smartpoint Installation using the latest version